What’s the size of your business?

Whether you’re part of a large enterprise that’s leading your market or a small organization growing year on year – HR needs to keep up.

HR is the core of your business. To achieve success, it needs to be the engine that drives you to spot potential and hire top talent – with an agile HCM solution that can grow with you. That’s why our HCM solution is designed to support organizations of any size. It’s built for global businesses with local needs in mind. 

Challenges come in all sizes

Why is HR still deep in paperwork? Why is your learning content on one system and your performance review on another? And why does it take so long to onboard new recruits?

Every organization – no matter the amount it turns over or number of employees – has its challenges. But there is something your HR team can do about it. And more and more companies are digitizing HR to overcome the trials they face. 

Data is now essential for shaping your future strategies, your employees’ expectations have changed, and working from home or remotely is here to stay. So, if you’re looking to digitize HR for the first time or you’re working with a system that’s not delivering value, you’ve come to the right place.

Document Management and E-signature

Automated contract generation based on personalized and localized templates

Document validity dates management

Seamless and secure experience for signing documents (compliant with eIDAS standard)

Several signature methods (manual, email, text messages, …) to adapt to everyone.

Talent Profile

Comprehensive picture of each talent

Ability to parse resumes, declare experiences and skills, and report on data available in other HR processes

Suggest related skills or capabilities

Key interface for People Search & Talent Marketplace

Objectives and Key Results

Ongoing objectives management

OKR dashboards for managers

Peer feedback management

Employee check-in management

Learning Management System

Training recommendations per job, language, experience…

Blended training in the flow of work

Advanced Training animations features

Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

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