The benefits of Talentsoft’s Cloud-based technology

Talentsoft's Cloud technology allows you to manage your talents intuitively, while guaranteeing world-class performance and data protection.


Choose the most reliable partner

Talentsoft's software and related services are ISO 27001:2013 certified: Research and Development, Production, Support and Technical Consulting.

We host all our client data in the world's most secure data centers (in Europe, the United States, and Asia), which benefit from the best certifications (Conceptec - Certified data protection) and standards, including:
- ISO 27001 (Europe)
- ISAE 3402
- SSAE16

Cloud Hosting & Data Security

Employee personal data protection is our main concern. We select our hosting centers based on the highest security, flexibility, responsiveness, and availability standards, hence our strategic alliances with Equinix, Interxion, and Microsoft Azure. Having several data centers throughout Europe allows us to rapidly service new clients, spread the workload between several suppliers, and quickly increase capacity. Our data centers operate in tandem to ensure maximum availability and no data loss. Our clients choose the geographical area in which they want to host their applications and data in order to facilitate their accessibility and to respect their countries' security requirements with 24/7 support from our global teams.


Equinix is the world's largest data center and colocation provider, offering the fastest application performance and lowest latency routes worldwide.


Interxion is a leading provider of colocation data center services across Europe supporting over 1,600 customers in over 40 data centers.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, and enterprise-grade Cloud-computing platform.

GDPR: How Talentsoft fully complies, and why this is key for you

Talentsoft complies with GDPR:
– Ready-made product features to cover all user rights: the right to be deleted, and the right to access and correct information
– Ready-made register of all Talent management processing
– Full risk analysis and protection plan in place, covering the editors’ responsibility to protect customer data
– Privacy by design and by default, already built in our internal practices

How Talentsoft makes a difference through GDPR:
– All data is kept in the EU in highly secured data centers
– All administrators are based in Europe, thus ensuring that NO customer data crosses any European border
– No need for data transfer from EU to the US or any other destination, at any time
– Talentsoft is ISO 27001 certified, thus ensuring that Talentsoft can demonstrate GDPR compliance through well documented and transparent processes.

Agile software development

Our teams operate using agile development practices to ensure Talentsoft’s stable and rapid deployment. This involves iterative and adaptive development cycles.

This method allows us to meet our clients’ expectations within a limited time frame, while developing our teams’ skills. Our developers work in teams of two using the Pair Programming technique to achieve high responsiveness and flexibility for each project.

Our Agile development approach allows us to automate software code testing and monitoring to ensure optimum quality.

These project practices are key to our infrastructure and are monitored during the development and creation of each new functionality to guarantee that our clients benefit from first-rate services.