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With Talentsoft, Fleury Michon Empowers its Workforce Through Digital Training 

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Fleury Michon is a French, medium-sized family company specialized in ready-to-eat charcuterie, fresh surimi, and individual prepared meals. With Talentsoft Learning, Fleury Michon recently revolutionized their digital training offering for their 3,700 employees and increased digital training from 2% to 27% of all learning actions company-wide.

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With Talentsoft Content, we were able to integrate soft skills training into our catalog in just a few clicks and provide our employees with a flexible learning environment. 

Richard Figureau, HR Development Manager at Fleury Michon

The challenge: digitize training

Training has always been at the forefront of Fleury Michon’s efforts, since two thirds of the workforce are blue-collar workers with rapidly evolving jobs. This is recisely why it is essential to upskill employees and ensure their newly acquired skills help them in their job performance.

However, due to its history and mode of operating, only 2% of the company’s training offering was digital. In-person training has always been the preferred training method, namely because more than 3,000 Fleury Michon employees are located within a 30 km radius of their place of work and their jobs mainly consist of manual labor.

The outbreak of Covid-19 led the company to fast-track their digital transformation. Though initially planned for spring 2021, the digitization of their training offer quickly became crucial to limit in-person training sessions, as per the health guidelines in place—all while minimizing the impact on budgets. The company faced two challenges: adapt in-person training to an online learning format without affecting the quality, and implement a blended learning approach mixing both in-person training and online learning methods. 

The solution: an enhanced training catalog with Talentsoft Content

In 2018, Fleury Michon adopted Talentsoft’s Learning, Recruiting, Talent Review, and Performance modules for its workforce after calling on Talentsoft to help digitize their HR processes.

Now it was time to go further and respond to the top priority of providing digital training options to their people. By the end of 2019, a new training catalog was available, offering a blended learning approach that combined both in-person and online training sessions. At the beginning of 2020, Fleury Michon fast-tracked its digital training transformation due to the Covid-19 crisis. The company immediately concentrated their efforts on implementing remote work and online collaboration tools to maintain an operational workforce.

The results: digital training increases by 25 percentage points

In only a few months, Fleury Michon saw e-learning grow from an initial 2% of the company’s completed learning courses, to 27%. With Talentsoft Content, employees now have access to a training catalog with over 100 learning courses tailored to their specific role and are motivated to continue learning and developing their skills.

Discover all the major benefits Fleury Michon saw in our full case study.