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Webinar: The Role of the Manager in 2021

The Role of the Manager by Talentsoft

How to equip your managers to lead change?

The events of 2020 have forever changed the role of managers. And 2021 is the year to take charge of developing a new generation of leaders.

Join our webinar with our panel of experts to explore:
– what new expectations are being placed on managers,
– how to develop managers who drive change,
– what it means for managers to act as learning catalyst,
– and how you can use technology to supercharge leadership.

Mark your calendars, you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Empathy and Humility: the new ‘must-haves’ for effective leaders

Due to the developments of the past year, from civil movements like Black Lives Matter to the global pandemic, the way we work and interact with each other has changed dramatically. The evolution of work has sped up, highlighting the fact that an organization’s workforce is made up of individuals – each unique and with new potential to be unlocked. With change comes the opportunity for growth and improvement. Let’s wave good-bye to the ego-driven, traditional style of leadership and make way for empathetic and humble managers.

Join us LIVE on April 15th at 11 AM (CET) to learn about the changing role of the manager in 2021 and how to set your people up for success in these times of uncertainty.

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Technology is best when it brings people together.

What better way to prove the power of technology than by joining us for a live and thought-provoking discussion on technology and leadership!

Hosted by Linnea Bywall, Neelie Verlinden and Selena Papi, in this webinar we’ll teach you how to:
> use technology to empower management instead of hindering it
> leverage our tools for a more collaborative, communicative, and data-driven workforce, focused on the individual.

See you on April 15th!

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