HRIS Strategy

Transform your HRIS today to prepare for the HR of tomorrow!

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The use of Microsoft Teams has doubled since April, internet connections have increased by 30% and the use of our LMS platform has increased by 25%. According to the Cisco study, we are 3 years ahead of the experts’ forecasts.

Human Resources was the first organization to be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. And being on the front lines, HR had no choice but to assume a leadership role from the very start. We have seen a lot of differences in how businesses across various industries and sectors have responded to the crisis. But what we’ve seen is that SaaS is, more than ever, the most effective model to support organizations in these disruptions.

How can you prepare your HR operations today? 

In the current context and more than ever, the strength of an HRIS rests on 3 essential pillars: 

  • Accessibility– available wherever your employees are located 
  • Openness– to all the latest HR innovations such as remote video interviews, automatic candidate tests…  
  • Optimization– its ability to make the most of your data. 

Download our checklist and discover how our experts and our cloud-based HRIS can support you throughout your project! 


This checklist was inspired by the Product Workshop Platform: “Accelerating HR Transformation” realized during Club Talentsoft 2020, a 100% digital edition, still available on replay here!