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Tomorrow is now!

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The book “Tomorrow is now”, written in 1963 by diplomat, political figure, and activist Eleanor Roosevelt, called on the world to act in the present for a better future. Her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, enacted the New Deal in 1933 to save the country which had been in the throes of the Great Depression since 1929.

Looking at how organisations are struggling to keep afloat and the state of the current job market, it would not be a stretch to say we may need another «New Deal» to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. It has disrupted our personal and professional lives. 100% remote work, impact on jobs, social distancing … it has transformed the world as we know it. However, it has also brought to light all the values that Talentsoft has fostered for years such as employee empowerment and work-life balance. 

Work post Covid: agile leadership and knowing your employees 

At Club Talentsoft 2020, Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Talentsoft, revealed his vision of work post Covid.

You can watch the conference here and also download our ebook to find out more about the evolutions and solutions required to tackle these unprecedented times.