Talent Management

The new role of the manager

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The way individuals and teams work together has evolved tremendously in recent years. People now work in project mode, ask for flexible ways of working, and want to have a clear view on their career development. The Covid19 crisis has enhanced these changes!

Covid-19: the new role of the manager

These needs and expectations have become amplified even more during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Managers now have a critical role to play in this to:

  • maintain company culture and relationships while fighting isolation and loneliness,
  • help employees stay motivated, and maintain perspective on what matters to them and the organization overall,
  • ensure business continuity while answering employee’s concerns about their future moves and needs.

Download our checklist to discover more about what the new role of the manager entails and how managers can leverage technology to become better and more impactful leaders. 


This checklist was inspired by the Product Workshop Talent Management: “Transform Managers into impactful leaders” realized during Club Talentsoft 2020, a 100% digital edition, still available on replay here!