HRIS Strategy

Talentsoft HR and the new people agenda

20mn 3 January 2020

The rise of cloud-based HR solutions has helped transform the Human Resources function from a reactive administrative department into a proactive business partner focused on maximizing the strategic and business potential of the workforce. At the same time, technology innovation has given workers more choice about how, where and when work happens, resulting in a global shift toward project-based work and an increasingly ‘virtual’ and contingent workforce.

Digital transformation and technology-led initiatives have also played a key role in driving project-based or ‘gig’ work. As more companies organize work around projects rather than jobs, employees increasingly find themselves doing work outside the scope of their traditional jobs and reporting lines, creating new organizational challenges. What does this shift in work trends mean for core HR solutions ?

HR technology solutions have come a long way in the last decade in the areas of remote access, user experience, employee self-service, analytics, and flexibility, but have left HR behind when it comes to organizing internal and external workers engaged in project-based work.

With this shift toward an increasingly project-focused and on demand workforce, HR’s challenge will be to define a more holistic and inclusive people agenda that enables them to :

  • Unlock the full potential of a diverse workforce to improve service and execute faster.
  • Provide better collaboration tools and the flexi-bility to work remotely and learn on demand.
  • Help leaders and employees build stronger relationships with contract-based staff to drive higher levels of engagement and innovation.

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