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Talentsoft Content : Prepare the workforce of tomorrow !

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Training is key for employees to achieve their full potential, but how can the skills gap be addressed when 80% of the jobs in 2030 don’t exist today?

Future-proof your organization with Talentsoft Content by delivering a complete catalog of advanced training channels addressing today’s operational needs while preparing the workforce of tomorrow with impactful themes.

During this webinar you will discover how you can:

  1. Access an exclusive training offer: Talentsoft Content’s curation team works closely with best-of-breed content editors to create qualitative training channels, with daily updates to address your current and future training needs.
  2. Facilitate training content administration: Talentsoft Content simplifies logistics and administration by delivering certified content right to your training platform.
  3. Empower your processes using adapted strategies to identify training needs and optimize content acquisition.
  4. Improve subscription management through an easy and integrated purchasing process.

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