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Talentsoft, A Cegid Company, Boosts Collaboration With Viva Connections

The shift to a hybrid work model (or fully remote for some)  is reshaping the digital and physical workplace of the future. However, the pace of change, while it may look tremendous technologically, can leave organizations isolated and struggling to catch up.  One sure-fire way to succeed in this hybrid world is to adopt a new set of tools designed to help your business adapt and thrive.

We are proud to announce the launch of a newly developed widget for Microsoft Viva Connections, making Talentsoft, A Cegid Company, one of the first HRM software developers to integrate this experience directly within our platform.

The journey began in early June 2021 when we were selected by Microsoft, among a small handful of other tech companies, to develop the app. Though we were given full rein in the development process, we spent weeks working closely with the Microsoft dev teams, who were always readily available to answer any questions we had.

viva connections

Working with the team in charge of Viva Connections at Microsoft was a pleasure! They were always available to share information about the product or help our team resolve technical issues.


Why us?

Talentsoft, A Cegid Company, has been a proud partner of Microsoft since 2007, when we first launched to enhance the potential of employees and facilitate talent recognition thanks to innovative technology.

Since then, we’ve shared a common vision with Microsoft: to create an employee-centric experience and empower employees for the new digital age.

A partner like Talentsoft, A Cegid Company, is really able to look at that intersection of the workforce and HR and how you’re continuously coaching and improving the quality of your workforce. Talentsoft can go much more deeply to understand what each company needs and be able to shape that journey for them.

Christopher mcnulty, director of product marketing at microsoft

Thanks to Microsoft’s ecosystem and APIs, we’re able to enrich the experience of the core modules of Viva, and create differentiated solutions that extend the employee experience.

Together with Microsoft, we’re guiding our customers on their journeys and helping them identify and understand their future needs.

Viva Conncetions, your one-stop shop for Cegid Talentsoft features

Viva Connections is a digital work experience derived from SharePoint and Microsoft 365. As one of the four Viva modules, Viva Connections is your single-entry point for employee engagement and internal communications. It combines the power of an intranet with chat and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams. Within the Talentsoft platform, it’s known as the Talentsoft Employee Center:

Thanks to the integrated app, employees can easily discover and search for relevant content, Talentsoft features, and news from across your organization without ever leaving Microsoft Teams (talk about centralization!).

Microsoft is in a unique position in that our tools are so widely used to shape a digital workplace, we have not just an opportunity but  a responsibility to respond to the trends that we’ve heard about. […] So we really want to use this as an opportunity to leverage our platform to turn our attention to how we can transform the digital workplace into a force for good and deliver top quality employee experience.

Christopher mcnumty, director of product marketing at microsoft

The app facilitates the conversations that need to take place, whether employees are working from home or a traditional office. It provides tools to help people pay attention to the right activities, data, approvals, and everything else that makes up the fabric of digital work.

Strengthen company culture and teamwork

HR in the flow of work

Microsoft research shows that Microsoft Teams is progressively becoming the digital hub where people are spending an increasing part of their day, making this tool the natural home for Viva Connections.

For your HR department, the Talentsoft Employee Center widget opens up new ways to reach your workforce directly and help curate messages. Thanks to Viva Connections, HR can easily push key information to employees across your organization, without wasting time creating access guides. What’s more, because Microsoft Teams is already widely adopted, HR can rest assured that the information will be seen.

Launch the experience today!

The Talentsoft Employee Center, or Viva Connections app, is available to all Talentsoft customers as of November 8, 2021.

Deployment is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Your IT department can easily deploy the app for your entire organization through the widget store.

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