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Purpose-Driven Employer Branding

This years’ developments are currently shaping the world of work. As a result many organizations need to reinvent themselves and sustainability plays an increasingly important role in this process. Products and services are changing which requires new skills. Companies can either decide to recruit for these skills or develop them in-house. Either way, this has an impact on their employee value proposition (EVP) and their employer brand.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, we organized a live webinar with employer branding expert Yves Pilet, hosted by digital HR specialist Neelie Verlinden, to help you create a purpose-driven employer brand for your organization.

In this interactive webinar:

  • We look at the shift from short term to long term strategies and how this affects your EVP
  • We discuss the increasing importance of soft brand values as opposed to hard brand values
  • We look at what this means for your role as employer and how coaching your managers plays a role in this
  • We share a four-step plan on how to create a purpose-driven employer brand

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