HRIS Strategy

People Analytics: better insights for better decisions

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Data has been transforming how organizations operate for several years now, and in particular customer-facing functions. Human Resources (HR) professionals have also started to embrace a data-driven approach.

In its 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte claims that “The people data revolution, predicted for years, has finally arrived”.

For its report, Deloitte surveyed 11,000 business and HR leaders. 84% of respondents viewed People Analytics as important or very important, making it the second-highest ranked trend in terms of importance. 69% of organizations indicated they were working on building integrated systems to analyze worker-related data.
As such, there is a good chance data and analytics are at the top of your agenda.

People Analytics, also referred to as Talent Analytics, HR Analytics or Workforce Analytics, is the use of people-data in analytical processes to solve business problems. It is about shifting from an intuition and experienced-based approach to a data-based approach.

At Talentsoft, we aim to help you achieve greater impact with superior HR Analytics and insights. This eBook looks at its value, and in particular how it can help HR teams better identify drivers of performance and pain points, reveal hidden trends, make informed decisions and build business cases. People Analytics is an enabler allowing HR to play a more strategic role and earn a seat at the table as a true business partner and advisor.

We will explore how you can leverage analytics in four critical areas: Talent Acquisition, Learning, Performance & Development and Workforce Planning and we will address the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of People Analytics?
  • How can it support and inform talent strategies?
  • What are the critical success factors to successfully implement People Analytics?