Learning & Development

Managers: the facilitators of learning

Coworkers standing in an office, looking at a digital tablet

Managers often have two roles: driving team projects and managing the professional development of each team member. These have become more challenging lately, due to:

  • Digital disruption in the workplace: 50% of jobs will be transformed by new technologies (Forbes 2019 -Note: article in French)
  • Teams are getting bigger: Team size has grown by 33% over the last five years (Gartner 2020)
  • Greater diversity in skills and backgrounds
  • Skills are becoming outdated quickly. On average, hard skills become obsolete within 4 years.

It’s no secret that well-rounded teams perform better. But fostering learning and collaboration is not always easy. In today’s challenging context, how can managers make sure their teams are prepared for the major projects of tomorrow? Download our checklist to find out 4 key points that can help managers become learning facilitators!