HRIS Strategy

Innovation: Let’s build the future of HR

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During this crisis we continued to innovate, collaborating virtually with our colleagues, clients, partners, and suppliers. We used tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom not only for professional purposes but also to keep in touch with family and friends. Innovation allows us to adapt to difficult times but also in normal times to keep questioning our product and facilitate our life and work.

This is what we do at Talentsoft, we constantly innovate to offer our clients the best solution. But how does this work? how to benefit the most from this? How do our customers participate in Talentsoft’s innovation?

Our vision: how does co-creation enable your organization to become stronger? 

At Talentsoft, behind our innovations are our teams and you, our customers.  

Here are our three pillars of change: 

  1. Co-Innovation 
  2. Co-Creation 
  3. Co-Improvement

You want to know how change is happening? How to participate in innovation at Talentsoft? 

Download our checklist and find out how our customers are taking part in innovation at Talentsoft! 

This checklist was inspired by the Product Workshop: “Innovation – Come build the future of HR with us!”, realized during Club Talentsoft 2020 and still available on replay here!