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HR trends & the new world of work in 2021

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The current health crisis has deeply affected the world of work. Everything once considered to be “normal” in daily life suddenly got turned upside down during the COVID-19 pandemic. And businesses had to adapt quickly to survive.
Marked by a series of unexpected challenges, 2020 forced companies to both rethink their visions of the future of work and accelerate their digital transformations.
But the crisis has also created new opportunities. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, this has been a time to shift strategies around organizational effectiveness just as much as it has been an opportunity to shine a spotlight on employees, giving them new ways to drive greater impact in everything they do.

Accepting and embracing change is the only path forward

2021 will be far from ordinary. Getting ready for the challenges ahead will force us to embrace an entirely new business mindset.
It’s time to take chaos by the reins and evolve our business models, talent management strategies, and corporate philosophies in real-time for whatever surprises lie ahead.
Join us for a LIVE webinar on Wednesday, February 3rd at 11AM CET, as we discuss key HR Trends for 2021 and our insights on how to overcome unprecedented challenges as the year unfolds.

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A new V(h)UCA for a new era ahead

The VUCA model—an acronym for ‘Volatility,’ ‘Uncertainty,’ ‘Complexity,’ and ‘Ambiguity’—has been used for decades to navigate challenging circumstances. No words could be truer in the present day. But this got us thinking: Through the lens of HR, what does VUCA really mean for business today? This inspired us to come up with our own V(h)UCA:

Virtuality: The role of technology and the virtual world at work
Humility: Facing new challenges means admitting we don’t have all the answers
Connection: Diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in a virtual world
Authenticity: Blurring the lines between the personal and the professional

In this webinar, we’ll explore these four ideas in more detail, so you can flex your own V(h)UCA muscles and continue preparing for the new world of work in 2021 and for years to come.

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