Learning & Development

How dynamic training can help tackle trying times

man leaping over a gap between two rocks

With the crisis we are going through, the training habits of companies and employees have been profoundly modified. We’ve seen 40% more connections on our LMS platform since mid-March. What does this increase tell us? Several things: one, expectations are high when it comes to learning. Two, these expectations put a lot of pressure on training managers.  While some may see this as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity!

A future-proof organization starts with a dynamic learning experience 

How to prepare your structure for the future? How to promote interaction, autonomy and collaboration in learning? To help you respond to the strong growth in training, our Learning experts reveal the 3 key components for a dynamic learning experience.

This checklist was inspired by the Product Workshop Learning: “The key to overcoming disruption: a vibrant learning experience” realized during Club Talentsoft 2020, a 100% digital edition, still available on replay here!