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Creating a Resilient Company Culture: 3 areas to consider for 2021 

Company culture

The traditional workplace is currently undergoing the biggest shift in recent memory. From the impacts of COVID-19, to remote work as the new default, and renewed global calls for real progress in creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces – organizations need to review and revive their cultures in response.

But what does that mean in practice? And how can your organization start to build a resilient company culture? We present three focus areas in our checklist.

Company culture for building resilience in 2021

In 2021, thriving means having a strong company culture. Given the major shifts in today’s society, companies must revive their company cultures in order to survive. From ‘learning to unlearn’, to adopting new styles of management, our checklist covers the 3 key areas to consider as we face unprecedented challenges.  Those are humility, connection, and authenticity in the workplace

Though we’ve waved good-bye to 2020 (good riddance!), the after-effects on our society and our workplaces are here to stay. And as with any new challenge we face, we must learn to adapt in order to move forward.

This year, given the major shifts, we believe many organizations will need to take stock and reinvent their corporate cultures.  We believe it’s time to strengthen humility, connection and authenticity as essential parts of your corporate culture.

The most successful organizations today are not only training their people for the future, but also empowering them to practice agility in what they do and how they learn. They’re also fostering collaboration more than ever before and helping their managers approach leadership with greater humility.

Don’t know where to start? Download our checklist for more on the 3 focus areas for better company culture in 2021.


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