COVID-19: 3 keys to recruiting in this new world!

Young woman working on a laptop

We know that new hiring has reduced for many of you. But the trend we’re seeing in the market suggests that it has not stopped completely. 

The crisis has changed the game for recruiters. It has never been more important to ensure every new hire is of the highest qualityBut how? What are the tools that can help you find and assess new hires even more qualitatively than before? 

Recruitment and pandemic? Challenge accepted! 

There has been a 600%+ increase in the search criteria “remote work” on Indeed since the start of the pandemic 

Yes, the pandemic is disrupting organizations in their search for new employees, but it is also changing the candidates’ expectations. They are more interested in remote work than ever before, and also increasingly analytical when it comes to reviewing job ads. Skimming through a job posting is no longer simply about matching their skills to what is being advertised, but also trying to assess the financial health of the company and whether its values align to their own. 

So, how can you attract the best candidates? What is fully-digital recruitment at its best? And what role can internal mobility play in your recruitment strategy? 

Download our checklist and discover our 3 keys to recruiting in the ‘new normal’.