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Continuous Conversation – Getting Started with OKRs!

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A major challenge surrounding digital transformation is a lack of focus and innovative power. OKRs are increasingly used as a tool for this, both in start-ups and large corporates. OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results and means that you set ambitious and measurable goals to create focus within teams, departments and the organization as a whole.

During this webinar we will introduce to you to the methodology and we will guide you through some tips and best practices when implementing OKRs within your organization. This webinar will give you the foundation you need to master the methodology so that you can add OKRs to the list of your HR success stories.

In this webinar you”ll learn about:

  1. The benefits of OKRs
  2. Getting started with OKRs Good OKR examples & common mistakes
  3. How you can use the Talentsoft Continuous Conversation solution

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