Talent Management

How HR leaders are driving innovation using Design Thinking

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If you’ve downloaded this white paper, it probably means that you’re a manager or work in HR. Bravo ! This probably also means that you’re looking for inspiration to transform your company and make your employees’ work life more appealing. What can we say? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to discussing Design Thinking  for HR in this white paper. This method looks to identify and solve problems from a designer’s perspective. Design thinking is often limited to product innovation, but there’s so much more to it! It helps devise solutions in all professional fields across all departments in a company: R&D, Marketing, and Human Resources. It is the perfect tool for managers and heads of HR like you! The advantages of this method are multi-fold: share it with your employees to create innovative products or use it to develop your own tools and processes.

We’d like to thank our partner, TI People, a renowned HR consulting firm, and one of their experts, Timo Tischer, for their contribution. Read through this white paper for more details on their approach and method. We’d like to share the main principles of the design thinking for HR method in this document. As you go through its contents, you’ll learn how design thinking can help you:

  • Speed up innovative and efficient project implementation
  • Develop employee engagement and highlight their responsibilities within the company

Download the ebook to learn more about it !