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Adaptive Learning – The Future of Training is Here!

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“Adaptive Learning: a training method that automatically adapts itself to the learners’ needs using data optimized by AI”.

Not only do we get smarter when we learn, the training services and tools that teach us are also getting smarter. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we are more and more able to ‘adapt’ the training offers to our individual needs. And this is not something from the future, it’s already here!

For training managers who are being introduced to adaptive learning, it is difficult to know what to expect exactly. On the one hand, their expectations may be too low, they may lack preparation, or even believe that their training providers are making false promises. On the other hand, they may have exaggerated expectations of the possibilities and feasibility of adaptive learning in the workplace.

In this webinar, we try to map out two possible uses of adaptive learning in the workplace: using AI to simplify management processes and using analytics to make better decisions.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. Definition and use of adaptive learning
  2. Examples of adaptive learning in the workplace
  3. What you need to start with implementing adaptive learning

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