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Adaptive Learning : The future of training is here !

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How does AI provide better customisation of training courses for different customer categories? What improvements can AI bring to the training process? What services are to be expected from a digital platform that uses AI in its learning process?

For training managers being introduced to adaptive learning, it is difficult to know what to expect. On the one hand, their expectations may be too low, they may lack preparation, or even believe that their training providers are making false promises. Conversely, they may have exaggerated expectations of the possibilities and feasibility of adaptive learning in the workplace.

In this white paper, adaptive learning is considered to be an important aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) with respect to training. After a summary of a few basic concepts, we attempt to give a simple and operational definition of adaptive learning, followed by a quick review of the specific terms that were mentioned.

Michel Diaz, co-founder and associate director of Féfaur and Jérôme Bruet, try to map out two possible uses of adaptive learning in the workplace: using AI to simplify management processes and using analytics to make better decisions.