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4 Ways HR’s Role Is Evolving In 2021

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New expectations for the HR department

Embracing change and adapting to uncertain times is key to the success for any HR department. Our checklist provides an up-close look at what we can expect from HR’s new role in 2021:

✔ Strategy-centered
✔ Health and wellbeing champions
✔ Learning evangelists
✔ IT and privacy drivers

Learn why HR professionals should focus on these four aspects and take note of specific actions your organization’s HR department can start taking today.

Business Acumen, Employee Health, And Data Literacy

Our checklist outlines concrete steps your HR department can take to grow into its new role as health champion, IT and privacy driver, and more!

  • Develop business acumen: think like a business leader and focus on outcomes.
  • Be a champion for health and wellness: ensure and promote easy access to mental health services for employees.
  • Become data literate: learn to derive meaning from the data you collect.


HR Steps up to the Plate in 2021

In many organizations, the COVID-19 crisis thrust the Head of HR into the position of second in command. Together with the CEO, they formed the nucleus of the committee to respond to the pandemic. With this new role, now is the time for HR to get more strategic, show the value they can bring, and own their place at the top table.

Download our checklist