Talent Management

4 best practices for remote collaboration!

remote work man from home on his couch

We recently shared our HR Trends for 2020, outlining the growing popularity of remote work and the importance of strong team management when working in a multi-site, multi-project, multi-national, multi-task environment. This type of working environment is being put to the test now more than ever!

What we thought was in the future has suddenly become our new normal! Given the difficult situation that the entire world is currently facing, a lot of us have had no choice but to work from home, which has proved to be a challenge in and of itself. Although some employees may be coping better than others during these challenging times, what we need to focus on now is how to deal with what comes next. How can we successfully re-establish the norms for remote work once everything goes back to “normal”?

We can start by asking ourselves a few important questions: How can we properly establish a remote work policy? What type of remote work arrangement works best for the company? How can we take advantage of this situation to improve work flexibility, team collaboration, and versatile management? And finally, how can we efficiently create or optimise our digital workplace?

Download our checklist of 4 best practices to help you answer these questions.