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3 Big Takeaways from Club Talentsoft 2021

Club Talentsoft replay

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s live webcast, here’s what you missed.

Another successful Club Talentsoft has come and gone—and this year’s virtual event did not disappoint whatsoever. From engaging keynotes to interactive discussions with customers and partners to a sneak peek at our latest product updates, there was a little something for everyone at Club Talentsoft 2021. 

If you couldn’t attend, the good news is that you can still access the entire event on replay. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of the event’s most important takeaways.

club Talentsoft 2021

1. It’s time to put transformation into action now

The big focus for Club Talentsoft 2021 was examining what real transformation looks like today. As stated clearly in our event manifesto, “It’s not enough to simply talk about transformation anymore. We must bring it to life in everything we do.” 

Transformation must touch every aspect of an organization. It’s no longer simply a top-down strategy that eventually trickles its way down to all of an organization’s employees. We believe that every employee within an organization has a critical role to play in propelling transformation forward—with ground-level managers and their teams now responsible for driving the most meaningful and lasting organizational change today.

transformation in organization

Attendees told us how prepared they feel to drive transformation within their organization.

We saw this come to life in a lot of different ways throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With many employees working remotely for much of the last year and a half, teams have had to find new and more effective ways to communicate, collaborate, and stay connected. Technology has played a central role in enabling this. 

But now that the world is starting to show signs of getting “back to normal,” the big question remains: Will the workplace of the future look like the workplace of the past?

Probably not. The pandemic fundamentally changed the relationship that employees have with work. Instead of waiting to see if things will go back to the way they were, organizations must begin learning and instilling new habits, beliefs, and best practices today in order to build new foundations for the future. So when we talk about putting transformation into action now, what we really mean is that we’ve got to take everything we’ve learned throughout the pandemic—the good and the bad—and use it to reinvent the workplace for years to come.

2. The role of the manager has officially changed

Similarly, the pandemic changed the notion of what it is to be a manager today—whether in an office or a virtual environment. Among the many trends we saw play out, there was a clear shift towards bringing the “human element” back into the manager-employee relationship. 

club Talentsoft 2021

To bring this to life, the ‘Product Launch’ portion of the webcast was divided into two product demos turned into case studies, so to speak, that underscored how Talentsoft products empower managers to be more effective in everything they do, including:

  • Driving greater engagement from day one: As Talentsoft product marketing manager Amayas Sadeg put it, “Organizations tend to overestimate the importance of ‘what’ job a person has been hired for and how they are performing when they should really be focused on ‘who’ that individual is…and how managers can show them they care.”This is even more important when operating in a remote or hybrid workplace model, as it’s much easier for employees to become disengaged or feel disconnected when technology is the only thing keeping their workplace relationships intact. Therefore, managers must go above and beyond, from an employee’s first day on the job, to ensure that they not only stay engaged, committed, and motivated by their work but also feel supported in achieving their goals or even working through their obstacles.
  • Protecting people over jobs: As Talentsoft product marketing manager Laurea Primeau explained, “The most important lesson is that organizations can’t protect jobs that are suddenly made redundant by disruptions— as a result of technology or a health crisis— but we do have a way of protecting our people, helping them develop critical skills that can open up new opportunities for both them and our organizations in the future.”There are two ways of making this happen. First, organizations must enable employees to take full ownership over their development and growth. And second, managers must become “coaches” who help employees understand how the work they do aligns to both their team’s and organization’s broader needs. In this way, managers now have a critical responsibility to develop employees beyond their job roles alone and, instead, proactively prepare them for the many new challenges that lie ahead.


3. The path to building the #1 HR SaaS champion in Europe

You might have heard the news about Talentsoft and Cegid joining forces to become Europe’s number one HR SaaS champion. This is an exciting moment in the growth and long-term success of our company. We see this acquisition as not only an investment in our own future but also in the future of HR tech as a whole. Combined, we are now 4K+ employees strong across 20 different countries—both in Europe and around the world. And we have ambitious plans to double our revenues (currently €700M) in the next three years as we work towards our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for all of your organization’s HR needs. 

It goes without saying that this acquisition will also allow Talentsoft to scale its operations, reach new customer segments, and enter into new regions and markets faster than ever before. But it doesn’t change our dedication and commitment to helping our customers transform their organizations from the inside out. We will continue to support our customers’ success, whether via our cloud-based products or our top-notch customer service, just as much as we will continue partnering with them to innovate and co-create the future of HR together.

Quote Jean-Stéphane Arcis CEO at Taletnsoft ; club Talentsoft 2021

Finally, this comes at a time when we’re thinking a lot about where to place our biggest bets. We know that the workplace is changing and that, as a result, the role of managers must continue to change, too. So we are investing not only in more learning opportunities—especially via our latest Microsoft Teams integration—to help employees within organizations prepare for the future challenges ahead. But we are also adapting our own business model to be more nimble as virtual or hybrid work environments become the new norm. As an example of this, many of our project implementations, which were once done purely on-site, can now be deployed successfully in a fully remote capacity. This is just the beginning of many more exciting changes to come, as we work towards becoming the HR tech leader in Europe (and beyond).

Want more than just the highlights? Be sure to watch Club Talentsoft 2021 on replay now.