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Workbook: 2022 HR Strategy

A template guide to creating your 2022 HR strategy

Planning your HR strategy is no easy feat. It takes collaboration, communication, intelligence, foresight, and so much more! After all, HR is not just HR’s job. People ARE the business, so top leadership as well as managers throughout the organization need to own the HR strategy. 

It’s precisely because of these challenges in developing and documenting a solid HR strategy that we’ve produced this workbook. It’s meant to guide you through the process and provide you with a framework to structure your HR strategy planning for 2022. 

As with all major strategy planning exercises, the question can often be “where do we start?”. 

This workbook aims to give you a starting point and structure to ensure you’re moving in the right direction when creating your HR strategy for 2022. Use it as a tool to brainstorm with your team and people from other departments in your organization. Work your way through this workbook together.

You’ll see throughout that we’ve provided some thoughts and guidance as well as discussion questions for you to talk over with a range of people within your company. You can note your answers in the spaces provided directly within this interactive PDF, or feel free to print it and note down your thoughts on good old-fashioned paper!

 A strategic planning toolkit

Workbook 2022 HR Strategy cover

You might be thinking: “Given the events of the last year-and-a-half, how can we possibly plan a strategy for the whole of 2022?!”.  

Excellent question.  

Creating a set-in-stone one-year plan is not the goal here. We want to help you structure your thinking.  

Once you’ve completed the workbook, we believe you’ll have the inputs you need to further develop and effectively communicate your HR strategy for 2022.  

Since every organization is different, however, there are likely to be additional elements in your HR strategy that aren’t covered in this workbook. Treat this workbook as a starting point to frame your thinking, and to serve you in the process of creating your own in-depth strategy document. 

Here’s a peak at what’s inside: 

  • What is HR strategy? 
  • Understand the business strategy 
  • Define the HR strategy (we whelp you explore your current state and set HR aims and key goals) 
  • Prioritize HR technology investments 

…complete with brainstorming exercises, tables to complete (with guiding questions) and examples to help you get the ball rolling! 

Sound like a resource your team could benefit from? Download our workbook and start structuring your 2022 HR strategy today.