Transform your salary reviews

Pay is pay and performance is performance. But if organizations don’t find a way to link the two, they might struggle to motivate their talent. 

Managers are in a great position to make sure salary review processes work well for their teams. But they’ll need a little help to steer employees in the right direction, overcome challenges, and make informed decisions. Our platform links your organization’s goals with your employees’ ambitions, based on real-time indicators and integrated compensation policies. So, you retain your top talent by transforming your salary reviews. 

Link reviews with goals

How your employees feel about work is tied to how they’re paid. Our platform helps you achieve your organization’s goals by aligning them with your people’s salary reviews, and your compensation policy.    

Keep it objective

Every manager wants to keep things fair for their people, so having the right data is essential for making objective decisions. Get all the data you need to make smart decisions with our robust Salary Review grid.

See your true costs in a click

To keep a high level of talent on board, you need to know your numbers. Our HCM solution pulls different sources of data together, so you can easily monitor your budgets with real-time updates.

How it works

If you like the sound of all that, we’d like to show you more. Here’s how our salary review solution works and exactly what you can do with it.

Salary review management

With our salary review solution, HR can:

  • Choose start and end dates and associated budgets, and include guidelines for managers
  • Configure workflows by approval steps, statuses, and stakeholders – without the need for technical expertise, thanks to our easy-to-use platform
  • Process salary reviews efficiently and receive budget reports as well as live updates, with our Compensation module 
  • Apply decisions to the payroll system automatically

Talentsoft Compensation

Talentsoft Compensation frees managers to:

  • Distribute rewards, stock options, bonuses, and promotions objectively – with the help of centralized data from all talent management processes
  • Integrate any compensation policy
  • Adapt your salary review process for smarter decisions, thanks to real-time indicators
  • Access an intuitive salary review grid that includes budget settings for each group of people scheduled for a review
  • Make fair decisions using tools such as content-rich HR guidelines, benchmark indicators, and cross-functional HR updates including performance levels, seniority, and current salary
  • Receive alerts when salaries don’t comply with your compensation policy
  • Submit proposals directly and follow the impact they have on employees’ salary packages and sub-budgets
  • Download reports to view their team’s collective payroll
  • Mass-approve proposals and trigger next steps in the workflow, in just one click

Multi-budget and multi-currency management

Drag-and-drop workflow builder

Automated consolidation and real-time indicators

Embedded guidelines for managers, with alerts

We can now track payroll development in real-time with Talentsoft. The Compensation module is one of the key modules in our HRM policy and has changed different processes. We are now able to provide data in real-time to our general management in order to help them make decisions about the development of our payroll.


Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for. 

Do you feature ‘Compensation policy management’

Talentsoft supports different types of periodicity and different types of proposal (base salary, incentive, bonus and benefits). Depending on business/country requirements, these elements can be used or not. User rights on campaigns, budgets and sub-budgets allow to define the scope of intervention of each user.
In an international context, the module’s multi-currency management capabilities make it possible to manage proposals made in different currencies and define a group currency to facilitate budget management. Talentsoft Compensation allows to manage both campaign and out of campaign salary reviews. These salary reviews include any type of compensation components: base salary increase, incentives, bonuses payments and advantages. Talentsoft allows to integrate any calculation rules to support commission payment or any other business rules.

Does Talentsoft support ‘Compensation strategy and insights’

Talentsoft Compensation can integrate salary grids including ranges and progression rates to guide managers in their salary raise decisions.

What is taken into account in Talentsoft’s Salary Review module

Talentsoft manages the entire scope of the compensation process. Included are salary review, compensation data historization, modification of all compensation elements, budget and sub-budget management,  multicurrency management, complex workflow configuration, compa-ratio, real-time indicators and auto-calculation method. The flexibility of Talentsoft allows customers to manage their salary review processes in a flexible and scalable manner, while adapting to company processes and functional requirements.

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