Get onboard

You’ve found the perfect candidate but that’s just the start. The quicker they’re engaged and part of the team – the better. You need to give them the best possible onboarding experience to motivate and empower your new hire.

No time to waste

We can help you engage new recruits and unlock potential – fast. Our centralized and personalized onboarding experience is designed to get your new people up to speed before they even begin.

Start as you mean to go on

Engagement leads to loyalty, so there’s no time to waste. Give newcomers access to a dedicated onboarding portal before their first day.

Get to know each other sooner

There’s so much to take in when starting a new job. Make the process smoother and give new recruits the opportunity to complete profiles, forms, and objectives before they start.

Train to win

Make the learning curve a little less daunting with targeted training to help new hires hit the ground running.

How it works

If you like the sound of all that, we’d like to show you more. Here’s how our onboarding solution works and exactly what you can do with it.

My Talentsoft

Once hired, you can give your new arrivals access to their My Talentsoft area, so they can:

  • View their own personal welcome and information
  • Complete tasks as part of their integration
  • Take part in targeted training

Onboarding checklist & actions

Company news, policies, values, and culture

Targeted onboarding trainings

Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

Already a customer?

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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for.

Do you feature ‘Introductory management’ – Onboarding process from date of employment?

Talentsoft offers events management, where onboarding/preboarding events can be defined. This gives the new employee access to their portal before they even start – allowing them to engage in e-learning, upload their information, upload and check documents etc. Checklists can also be created for HR/Finance/IT, or anyone else involved in the onboarding process.

Do you feature ‘Onboarding visualization and process overview’?

Each stakeholder has access to a widget which will show an overview of all tasks to be done by the stakeholder and overview of workflow status of stakeholder owned processes.

Do you feature ‘Pre-start induction management’?

Talentsoft gives new employees access to My Talentsoft from the moment they sign their contract. This gives them access to various information, including the company profile, the CVs of their new colleagues, their team structure, relevant news suggested by the HR Department, company- or job-specific training opportunities, etc.

New employees can also access tasks and events such as:

  • Completing their personal record (where applicable)
  • Meeting their manager
  • Having lunch with their team
  • Viewing their job description and required competencies
  • Assessing themselves with regard to position requirements

Get a demo

Want to see our platform in action? No problem. We have lots of short, useful videos that show how our solution works and how it’ll help you unlock potential.