Time to mobilize

Sometimes, the perfect solution is right in front of you. That’s why our internal mobility process makes the best use of your existing talent pool – before you look further afield. We can help you reach out to your network to make them aware of any opportunities. You might just find the perfect fit.

Unlock potential from within

If only everything was this easy. We give you transparent, user-friendly internal recruitment through a simple set of tools and advanced search features.

Keep your brightest talent onboard

Everyone likes to feel valued. Build loyalty with your people by proactively connecting them with internal opportunities.

Right time. Right role. Right person.

Our platform is easy to use for your recruiters, managers, and employees. With smart tools to match your people with internal opportunities, you’ll find the perfect candidate.

How it works

If you like the sound of all that, we’d like to show you more. Here’s how our internal Mobility solution works and exactly what you can do with it.

Internal mobility platform

Your employees can use the internal mobility platform to:

  • Search, filter and access available internal vacancies
  • Set up alerts to get notified about future vacancies

Application status checks

Once your people have found the vacancies that interest them most, they can:

  • Mark vacancies as favorites for easy access
  • Apply for roles in just one clicks
  • Use the Talentsoft mobile app to apply for roles and see what progress has been made with previous applications – wherever they are
  • Follow up on the status of their application

Quick & intuitive job offer search

Saved search & job alerts

Simple application process (not visible on this screen)

Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for.

Why is internal mobility important?

A number of factors make the world’s leading companies the champions of their respective fields. One of them is their ability to not only attract, but also to retain the most dedicated and talented employees. By adopting an effective internal mobility program, they ensure the success of each individual talent, along with that of the company.

What are the main benefits of an Internal Mobility Program?

Recruiting from within has a host of benefits, especially when it comes to boosting moral and employee’s investment in your company. It is also more cost-effective to retain and develop talent rather than hiring external candidates each time you have a vacancy. Additionally, fostering a culture of encouragement and opportunity through internal mobility best practices will also attract talented external candidates.

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