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There’s so much to consider when recruiting. Building long-term relationships with potential hires, helping newcomers feel welcome, and making onboarding as smooth as possible. Where do you start? 

We understand recruitment better than most. We’ll help you source better candidates, improve the way you communicate your opportunities, and offer unrivalled onboarding experiences. With our platform, your people can even help HR build your talent pool from the inside out. 

See how our solution will transform your recruitment below.

Candidate Relationship Management

Collaborative candidate evaluation and nurturing

Smart assistant, intelligence and automation

Simple & intuitive sourcing (not visible on this screen)

Application Tracking System

Vacancy management & job posting

Multichannel recruitment

Candidate tracking and screening

Intelligent tools and automation


Onboarding checklist & actions

Company news, policies, values, and culture

Targeted onboarding trainings

Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for.

Do you feature ‘Candidate database management’?

Talentsoft automatically parses and stores data directly from any application, making it possible to build resume databases with a native search engine to identify and track required competencies.

Do you feature ‘Candidate Screening’?

Talentsoft works to improve the recruiting process by making it as automated as possible and by offering features such as automatic screening, scoring and alerting. Talentsoft can skim through resumes and cover letters to find the closest match – with qualifications, experience, skill sets taken into account. The solution also provides an open marketplace, allowing our customers to seamlessly access a wide range of pre-qualification and assessment tools to improve and accelerate the recruiting process. The solution embeds statistics by screening the applicants and evaluating which are the most qualitative. Those statistics will be pushed in our HR Analytics module. 

Do you feature ‘Candidate Testing’?

Candidates can be screened with a variety of assessment solutions: Cubiks, Cut-e, Assessfirst and Performanse.

Do you feature ‘Career portal management (Online Job Board)’? – To avoid the need for web development skills or help from the IT or marketing departments.

Talentsoft offers the ability to build a branded career site as well as job postings, including rich text and the creation of  branded layouts to apply to job offers.

Do you feature ‘Interview management’? (interview scheduling in a systemized way)

Thanks to integrated partner like Cronofy, recruiters can easily manage interview scheduling that proposes optimal time slots for both the recruiter and candidate. All major calendars are supported: Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Google and iCloud. Recruiters can add structured interviews, which include questions and candidate scoring. Video interviewing is possible with our partners, EasyRecrue and VisioTalent. Candidates are given tests that are configured by the HR. Following this pre-screening, they can progress to a video interview, which allows HR to streamline their process and digitize their recruitment process. Interviews can be pre-recorded videos or be conducted live. 

Do you offer ‘Job offer and eSignature management’ through a systemized procedure?

Talentsoft offers dynamic forms to enter job offers, ability to edit job offers in automated templates that are created according to each custom job offer. Talentsoft offers e-signature on contracts in the Talentsoft Hub (master data module).

Do you offer external job posting capabilities to external web sites, social media channels, job portals or similar etc.?

For publishing vacancies using multi-posting partners, integration between Talentsoft and the multi-posting partner enables customers to post a job vacancy to a selection of external channels without having to exit the Talentsoft tool.

Do you offer ‘Job requisition management’ – A process/form to complete by hiring manager, to avoid recruitment decision not aligned with budget, policies, workforce plans etc.

Requisitions can be created by managers (or any user with access rights) directly on their ‘My Talentsoft’ page. They can create a requisition from scratch, or they can use pre-defined templates. The requisition can then be sent to for example; HR, Finance director, or anyone, who will approve or disapprove the new position. Email notifications can be applied, and a temporary portal can be attached, so that approvers can access approving page directly via one link.

Can the recruitment process be customized?

The recruitment process is completely customizable and can be different for different types of vacancies, different departments, different countries, etc. Actions can be setup that fx automatically send out predefined e-mail templates, move data to Core HR upon hiring, etc.

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