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How do you prepare for tomorrow’s skill gaps? 

You can’t predict jobs of the future, but you can create a culture of learning. Get your people excited by opening up a range of development opportunities, with our smart solution. Give them a personalized learning experience, engage them with an intuitive catalog, and blend your courses into their flow of work. 

When we learn, we grow. So, let’s grow to learn more. 

Engage everyone

From those on the frontline to the back office, you can unlock everyone’s potential by connecting them with your organisation’s content and development opportunities, showcased on our dynamic catalog. 

Bend with the times

Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device – with a multi-channel platform that’s flexible enough to fit in with your people’s preferred workstyles.

Share all kinds of knowledge

Join the club, train together, and become a learning organization with other communities – on a leading HR platform. 

How it works

If you like the sound of all that, we’d like to show you more. Here’s how our learning management solution works and exactly what you can do with it.

Opportunity finder

Explore our catalog to offer a wide range of training opportunities to your teams – or find them for yourself.

  • Get training recommendations per job, language, and experience
  • Blend instructor-led training with on-demand material
  • Showcase internal and external training, all in one place
  • Use our multi-search engine to find your ideal course
  • Create your own bookmarks and favorites
  • Register your team as a manager or sign yourself up directly
  • Follow approval workflows and view up-to-the-second costs
  • Embed data in appraisals and career development processes

Blended training

Engage employees with personalized training. Let them learn on the go with smart devices.

  • Design digital courses by combining videos and documents with virtual or in-person training
  • Use the My Training widget to directly access learning information for you or your team
  • Enjoy rich content display (VR, videos, etc.) on our e-learning modules
  • Learn from anywhere with our mobile app, using online/offline modes with easy access
  • Certify training courses for your team, add the next session to their workflow, and manage attendance

Collaborative learning

Those who work together, learn together. Turn your company into a learning organization and share best practices.

  • Use open forums to share your knowhow and learn from others
  • Keep the conversation going between your employees, inside and outside the classroom
  • Share documents like social posts and see how many likes you get
  • Manage your search engine and hashtags

Build a following

Make your training sessions a success with personalized auto follow ups and satisfaction ratings.

  • Follow up on group progress and steer mentoring with smart analytics as well as satisfaction and efficiency surveys
  • Use real-time data dashboards to check KPIs
  • Discover dynamic reporting – and adjust for individuals, groups, and sessions
  • Tutor through internal chat and open forums
  • Enjoy gamification, badges, notifications, and reminders

Training recommendations per job, language, experience…

Blended training in the flow of work

Advanced Training animations features

We have a great motto in the training department: ‘Be responsible for your own development’. The e-learning platform helps us carry out this motto and organise our training to enhance engagement.


Customer experience

We make a promise to help organizations transform, one talent at a time. We can only achieve this by walking hand-in-hand with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our open platform. Using our Services, you get the opportunity to enrich and enhance your experience as a Talentsoft customer.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for.

What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It is a tool to support online learning. An LMS makes it easy to manage all the processes and data around learning – including inviting users to take part in training, tracking progress, and handing out certificates.

Do you feature ‘Course catalogue management’?

Talentsoft has designed a Netflix-like training catalog, which supports learning on demand with personalized content and easy access to all your training paths.

Does Talentsoft allow ‘Compliance tracking and follow up’ for training and learning programs?

The solution enables administrators to create groups of users, e-mail templates and event scheduling for notifications to be sent automatically when learners need to be retrained and retested.

Does Talentsoft track who has participated in training or not?

Talentsoft Learning supports all modality of learning, for example virtual classes, e-learning, quiz, tutorial, training assessment etc. The Training Management module supports scheduling learning activities, as well as tracking attendance and costs. The LMS app includes a feature where a learner can scan QR Code in an attendance sheet, and then the system will automatically updated the status from planned to attend.

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