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Training Management

Bespoke production management

Digital assessment pushed in the flow of the learning course

Budget monitoring and ROI improvement through real-time indicators

Learning Management

Training recommendations per job, language, experience…

Blended training in the flow of work

Advanced Training animations features

Learning Content Management

User-friendly content editor to create modules and courses

Capture and share user-generated content

Management of structured projects

Document review and versioning

Learning Content

Multi-editors catalogue, continuously updated

Up to date blended training, with tutoring

Bespoke production management

We were at a point where we needed to change our training methods. Like all manufacturing companies, we have obligations when it comes to skills development. In that respect, we wanted to provide our employees with training on important and practical topics that would inspire and motivate them.


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Here’s a list of the most common questions we get asked. Have a look through the topics below to find what you’re looking for.

Why is collaborative learning so important?

Research shows work experiences that are active, social, and contextual lead to deeper learning. As employee expectations evolve and skills shift, it’s important to capture informal learning and drive increased adoption of a common learning system with modern capabilities.

Why is User-Generated Content (UGC) becoming so important in training and learning programs?

User-Generated Content has already had a profound impact on our day-to-day lives. It’s never been easier to share your content with community sharing platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which are becoming increasingly popular. There are also sites like Tripadvisor which have now replaced travel guides like The Lonely Planet. Wikipedia has completely changed the way encyclopaedias work too, allowing anyone to contribute to common knowledge. And the training world is now experiencing it’s own UGC revolution.

Why should organizations focus on reskilling their people?

The simple answer is: to do more than just survive. The skills of an organization’s workforce are now the key to its success, agility, and customer satisfaction.

But what are the most important skills to focus on? Research shows soft skills are becoming significantly more important than hard, or technical, skills. Collaboration, clear communication, and empathy are now the kinds of skills required for working effectively, especially within a distributed workforce.

With the rise of AI and automation in the workplace, organizations need to refocus their attention on soft skills. Though AI is replacing human labor in some contexts, it will never be able to replace what makes us human. Technology is, however, playing a role in increasing the need for regular learning, as old skills become obsolete more quickly. This means organizations must place their focus on learning agility, empowering their people to become adaptable learners, with the soft skills needed to embrace change and thrive in an era of disruption.

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