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Attract top talent

Offer a candidate-centric experience

Grab the attention of passive candidates

Encourage referrals

Strengthen your employer brand by creating customized career websites. Push relevant jobs to candidates and let them get to know you anytime, anywhere.

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Personalize the candidate journey thanks to a quick and easy application process, vacancy geolocation, and social networks integration.

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Proactively recruit passive candidates and adopt a collaborative approach to qualifying them in Hello Talent, natively integrated with Talentsoft Recruiting.

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Take advantage of your employees’ networks to identify talents and speed up the recruiting process.

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And we design our product for you

Simplify application management

Improve decision-making

Integrate all your recruiting tools

Monitor all your applications effciently, whether they are internal, external, or unsolicited, and accelerate candidate selection, all within a single, customizable, and collaborative platform adapted to your recruiting needs.

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Measure your recruiting performance by leveraging a wide range of pre-packaged indicators and building your personalized dashboards without requiring any technical skills.

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Strenghten your recruiting processes by leveraging a wide range of built-in technological partners: online assessments, multi-posting, job boards, or even video interviews, accessible on one single platform.

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And we design our product for you

Build a fulfilling employee experience from the start

Boost internal mobility

Enhance your new hire integration and engagement from the moment candidates sign their contracts by pushing relevant content and personalized learning and onboaring paths.

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Integrate your employees' internal mobility requests with your recruiting plan by pushing vacancies through a dedicated employee portal.

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Be careful, you may become addicted to it!

With Talentsoft Recruiting, the candidate feedback we've receive os very positive and our work days have been much more efficient than they were in the past. This has allowed us to generate 30,000 applications over the past year, to assure our applicants' data security, and hire over 300 new talents to be a part of our Flixbus team.
Angelika Putz
Teamlead Talent Acquisition — FlixBus
  • angelika

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