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Provide your employees with a personalized and continuous learning experience.

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Create personalized blended learning programs

Deliver and enrich your learning contents in one single place

Keep track of your KPI’s and optimize your training programs

Easily create mission critical learning content with Talentsoft LCMS: mix classroom training and learning technologies, certifications and coaching, to tailor the learning experience to each employee and enhance skill acquisition.

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With Talentsoft LMS, access, share and enrich your blended learning programs seamlessly in one place.

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Optimize your training programs' ROI thanks to powerful analytics and granular insights into each learner's performance. Measure the time spent on each learning unit, progress or score, and correlate this data with your human capital strategies.

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Encourage collaborative learning

Leverage your employees’ expertise

Offer a unique and continuous learning experience

Give your employees access to a fully collaborative training platform. Natively integrated virtual classroom, interactions with the learner community, social rating... Encourage continuous conversations with the help of powerful social learning tools.

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With our SkillCatch mobile app, break down knowledge silos by enabling subject matter experts to easily capture and share on-the-job experiences, and thus speed up the training process.


Strengthen your employer brand and foster employee engagement: personalized look&feel of the front office, direct access to training from our HR suite, multi-device technologies (PC & mobile), offline content creation and viewing features... Offer a smooth user experience adapted to your business codes and pace.

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And we design our product for you

Put your employees in the driver’s seat of their own development

Streamline and accelerate your training management

Empower employees through self-training by giving them access to an "on-demand" learning catalogue, allowing them to easily assess their learning opportunities and transfer their requests to their manager in one click.

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Free yourself from too many Excel files. Talentsoft Training allows you to simplify each training process: automatic consolidation of training requests, intuitive creation of training plans, logistics management and real time tracking of your budget consumption.

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Adopting Talentsoft LCMS has allowed us to achieve our goals: produce content at a steady pace, with a strong learning impact.
Axelle Regreny
Training Engineer — Orange
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