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Structure your current and future job libraries

Identify required competencies

Make performance reviews a collaborative experience

Benefit from a user-friendly interface to define jobs in a library with "n" number of levels. Identify competency gaps to determine your hiring and training plans.

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Define key competencies and their expected levels for each job. Compare "as is" to "to be" levels and define action plans to close the gaps.

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Transform yearly performance reviews to ongoing and collaborative appraisals. Carry out objective appraisals thanks to 360° campaigns, social feedback, and allow employees to assess their managers with upward reviews.

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Map your talents

Offer targeted training content

Improve talent retention

Identify key talents based on data from all your HR processes. The Talent Review grid guides you in defining your development plans thanks to built-in decision-making tools.

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Leverage the only solution that combines the three pillars of strategic learning: design, plan, and deliver training content personalized for each employee. Engage your learners community thanks to user-generated content with our mobile app, Skillcatch.

HR manager Benefice 5

Offer your talents career perspectives and opportunities by communicating career paths and open positions. Collect and manage mobility requests to match organisational needs to each employee's career development.

HR Manager Benefice 6

And we design our product for you

Guide managers through their decision-making process

Guide managers through the salary review process

Strengthen collaboration between managers and HR

My Talentsoft allows you to personalize content for managers and push dedicated information, decision-making tools, and insights. Provide overviews for various team, as well as detailed information about each employee.

HR manager benefice 7

Facilitate the salary review for managers with a user-friendly salary review grid and embedded decision-making tools.

HR manager Benefice 8

Communicate your HR guidelines to managers. Engage them at each step of your strategy, from employees' HR development to talent reviews.

HR manager benefice 9

Be careful, you may become addicted to it!

We can now share information. Each country can now consult talent data from across the world. Sharing this information further promotes employee mobility and engagement.
Véronique Dru
Compensation, International Mobility — RATP Dev
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