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Align your HR strategy to business challenges.

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Support your company’s digital transformation

Transform HR into a business partner

Prepare your employees for the challenges of tomorrow

Compare jobs of today and tomorrow, identify competency gaps, and determine the appropriate hiring and training plans.

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Make company values a pillar of your HR strategy. From employer branding to compensation policy, align HR decisions to your corporate strategy.

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Leverage the only solution that combines the 3 pillars of a learning strategy: design, plan, and deliver personalized content for each employee. Engage your learners community with user-generated content with our mobile app, Skillcatch.

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And we design our product for you

Automate tasks with little added value

Centralize all your HR tools in one place

Structure the organisation according to growth objectives

Each HR process within Talentsoft allows you to automate budget consolidation, dematerialize forms, and manage notifications and workflows.

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Talentsoft Marketplace allows you to leverage the integration of partners: use third-party tools as part of the Le Lab RH partnership and take advantage of enhancements to career management thanks to standard APIs.

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Create and adjust organisational frameworks in your Core HR and manage employee mobilities as well as related administrative changes.

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And we design our product for you

Measure workforce changes

Leverage prepackaged business indicators

Build dashboards for the executive committee

Talentsoft Hub includes a central HR Core to manage current and future administrative events. Constantly monitor and analyze your workforce in all subsidiaries.

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Talentsoft embeds HR expertise as part of its integrated HR Analytics. Explore data from all HR processes to create and push business indicators for improved decision making.

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Talentsoft Analytics allows you to create your own dashboards without requiring advanced IT skills or data scientists. Get real time insights to focus on information that matters most to you and your business.

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Be careful, you may become addicted to it!

Talentsoft has surpassed all our expectations. Their teams have guided us throughout the process and we share a common goal: an agile HR management approach using a unique portal.
Marianne Descamps
Human Resources Director — Linkbynet
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