Talent in the cloud

Our cloud technology lets you manage your talent intelligently, gain world-class software performance, and keep your data safe.

We provide a secure and powerful HCM platform, with a single source code and full multi-tenancy with data segregation. So, you have your own separate, physical database and no limit on the number of pages, views, transactions, or users. Letting you scale up as your business grows.




ISO 27001 certified

If you want a secure HR software platform for your employee data, you can rely on ours.

We host all your data in the world’s most secure data centers (in Europe, the United States, and Asia). Plus, our software and any related services are ISO 27001:2013 certified. That’s for research and development, production, support, and technical consulting. We’re not only certified in process; we’re certified on results too. 

Our data security certificates include:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2

Cloud hosting and data security

When you’re hosting employees’ personal data, it’s essential to pick data centers with the highest security. But they also need to be flexible, responsive, and constantly available. That’s why our top three alliances are: Equinix, Interxion, and Microsoft Azure. 

With us, that means you get access to a rapid service, and you can add instant capacity whenever you need it. Our data centers work in tandem to make sure there’s always availability – and never any data loss. 

You choose the geographical area. We provide the access. And our experts make sure it complies with each country’s security requirements. Security personnel monitor these data centers 24/7. And if you need help with anything else, our helpdesk teams are ready to support.

GDPR compliant

All our products fully comply with GDPR and so does our data processing. We make sure our products cover all user rights from the start, while our recurrent risk analysis and robust internal practices with regular training enables everyone to protect your data.

What’s more, we keep all our data in the world’s most secure data centers because we’re used to working with customers in the military, government, and banking industry – among others. Our own data centers, headquarters, and research and development team are in Europe. So, if you’re a European customer, you can be sure none of your data will transfer outside of Europe. 

20+ audits occur at Talentsoft, a Cegid Company every year, carried out by a mix of internal and external experts or independent firms to make sure we stay certified and keep up standards. That way, you know we’re private by design and by default. 

Choose your integration


Standard integration, purely technical with fully integrated features.

Batch data exchange

We allow for bulk files import, export and transformation.


For when a connector doesn’t exist. This allows for a wide range of possibilities. We provide documentation through a developer portal and a software development kit.

Our approach

Our teams use agile software development methods. This means we can deploy solutions quickly and securely but can also adapt the way we do it, to suit your organization. 

Our team consists of developers, product owners, quality assurance, and user experience specialists. All codes we produce are reviewed following best practice to ensure the highest quality and security. So, you can be sure our best people are on the case, and you’ll get your robust solution as soon as possible.

Plus, we run around 50,000 automated software tests before any new version is presented for deployment. And our QA tech experts always monitor this to make sure your solution is working at optimum quality.

This whole approach is key to how we deliver first-class service for our customers.

Get a demo

Want to see our platform in action? No problem. We have lots of short, useful videos that show how our solution works and how it’ll help you unlock potential.