White Birch Paper optimizes training programs and ensures participants’ rapid progress

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80% of workforce needs retraining before 2025
1,000 employeesChallenges
4 factories in the United States and Canada


Located in the United States and Canada, White Birch Paper produces high-quality paper and paperboard products. The training and development of rare, transferable skills are the two main challenges in the company, which plans to renew nearly 80% of its workforce in the coming years. To overcome these challenges, White Birch Paper has sought the expertise and innovation of Talentsoft Learning.


  • Accelerate and standardize training processes
  • Facilitate skill transfers• Offer an innovative and easy-to-use platform for all
  • Monitor all training activities with the same tool
  • Attract new talent and accelerate reskilling
  • Leverage deep expertise in digital transformation


  • Greater efficiency: reduced training hours by 50% for same learning results
  • Saved the equivalent of two years of training during the onboarding of 50 new employees in S1-2017
  • Faster professional development and accelerated career paths
  • Improved monitoring of training plans for individual employees
  • Positive impact on company culture thanks to digital transformation


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I expected some reluctance from employees who weren’t used to digital solutions. However the whole team quickly adopted the Talentsoft platform and spontaneously proposed new training programs and activities.
Charles-Étienne Pelletier
HR Director, White Birch Paper — White Birch Paper
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