How to engage employees through collaborative management

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Linkbynet aims to strengthen employee engagement and deploy agile work methods. To reach this goal, the company has adopted a collaborative approach to define the agile manager of tomorrow. This initiative is backed by Talentsoft’s Performance & Competencies module.


  • Realign the group’s HR processes
  • Offer a clear view of the missions, responsibilities, and competencies expected for each job position
  • Enable new employees to become autonomous in a short amount of time
  • Give employees control over their own development


  • More transparency, equality, and employee engagement
  • 92% completion rate for annual appraisal interviews
  • Successful integration of new talents, decrease in turnover rate
  • A more agile company and greater collaboration


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Talentsoft has surpassed all our expectations. Their teams have guided us throughout the process and we share a common goal: an agile HR management approach using a unique portal.
Marianne Descamps
Human Resources Director — Linkbynet
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