Lacoste improves its customer and employee experience thanks to its "Retail Academy"



In 2014, Lacoste launched its “Retail Academy”, a corporate university that uses Talentsoft technology. The goal is to develop an internal training program based on four major themes: the brand, the product, customer experience, and management.


  • Offer a unique and unified Lacoste experience across the globe
  • Train store employees who don’t have access to a computer workstation
  • Create experts in content production
  • Immerse employees in the company’s brand
  • Follow-up detailed reports on use and acquisition to facilitate deployment in each country


  • Increase in employee engagement, according to the latest motivation survey carried out internationally
  • Decrease in employee turnover, with a rate below the industry’s average
  • Improved customer experience: significant increas in “Net Promoter Score”
  • Increase in customer satisfaction: imrpoved results form “Mystery Shopper” operation
  • Lacoste chose LMS & LCMS: 80% participation rate (90% in Asia, 75% in Europe)


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With the implementation of Talentsoft LCMS and LMS, we've noticed a major increase in our employees' engagement, employee turnover rate that is well below the industry's average, and improvements in customer experience and satisfaction.
Isabelle Damour
Lacoste Academy Retail Director — Lacoste
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