FRAIKIN boosts employee engagement through high-quality talent management

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Supplier of commercial and industrial vehicles
3,000 employees in 180 agencies
60,000 vehicles in 16 countries


FRAIKIN is a leading European player in the B2B rental of industrial and commercial vehicles. In 2016, it set about digitalizing and internationalizing its talent management strategy, starting with its employee performance appraisals. Talentsoft was its partner of choice.


  • Boost employee engagement with high-quality feedback on their performance, skills level and career development
  • Upgrade manager and employee skills levelsthrough training and development programs that match their aspirations and the company strategy
  • Digitalize and internationalize the group’s talent management policy, starting with Annual Performance Reviews
  • Improve change management and anticipate the skills of tomorrow


  • Information collected in reports enables data-driven skills development, training plans and bonuses
  • Strong link established between employee performance and compensation
  • Annual Performance Review completion up from 74% to 98% since the adoption of Talentsoft
  • 90% of employees satisfied with first performance review campaign and support provided by HR
  • Growth and value creation for the company, managers and employees (training, mobility, skills development)
  • Improved employee retention by letting employees see their career possibilities
Talentsoft has been a responsive, flexible, and collaborative partner every step of the way. Since we implemented their solution, participation and satisfaction levels for our appraisal campaigns have soared.
Elwira Jakubowska
Group recruitment manager — Fraikin
Elwira Jakubowska - Fraikin
  • Elwira Jakubowska - Fraikin
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