How the civil service ministry implemented reliable HR tools of the highest standards to encourage inter-departmental mobility

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The Public Service has 3 branches: State, Regions and Hospitals
~2,4M employees work in the State Public Service


The French General-Directorate for Administration and Civil Service, as the HRD of the state, aims at encouraging inter-departmental and civil service mobility. The civil service ministry needed to implement reliable HR tools of the highest standards.


  • Promote inter-departmental and civil service mobility
  • Replace the out-of-date existing tool
  • Allow recruiters to publish their vacancies transparentl


  • Positive feedback by users
  • 80,000 unique visitors per day
  • 1.7 million searches/day
  • 5 million potential candidates


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Manage your entire recruitment process successfully: from job requests to onboarding, in a unified, complete and intelligent solution.

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For this, the General-Directorate created a career website in 2008. This website allows public recruiters to submit vacancies. They can be consulted by civil servants looking for internal mobility or anyone from the private sector wishing to move to civil service.
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