Fast growing Danish IT company uses new platform to streamline their HR processes


JN Data is a Danish IT infrastructure provider for the financial sector. It is in the process of making significant changes to centralise its HR processes within the company. Its major goals are employee training and retention in order to increase business value. Talentsoft acts as sounding board for JN Data and provides solutions that are compatible with various companies and sectors.

N Data creates and develops technical infrastructure for large financial players like Jyske Bank, Nykredit, BEC, SDC, Bankdata and Silkeborg Data. It is crucial that JN Data’s system operates smoothly because some 200 financial institutions are relying on its efficiency. JN Data has recently recruited more employees and needs an integrated HR platform that will meet their complex requirements. Talentsoft is able to meet these needs by assuring streamlined and modern HR practices within one digital platform.

An HR platform for both managers and employees

The new software gives HR and managers a review of all JN Data employees. The company uses a unique tool to conduct strategic planning which attracts and retains employees while developing their skills and growing the company. Work is made easier with data being widely available, which is sent to an integrated analysis and reporting system. The HR work is always in line with the company’s objectives. The data review makes it easy to compare it to the bottom line. 

Talentsoft’s HR platform contains interesting tools that help us improve our HR work, thus benefiting both our organisation and our business,

says Susanne Holtet Wølck, an HR manager at JN Data.  

Employees can also benefit from the new platform via the self-service portal, where they can modify and update their information and access to modify and update their data through self-service. The application’s modern and user-friendly design makes it easy for everyone to use.  

The solution is scalable for future growth and can benefit a wide variety of companies. Allan Nygaard, Nordic Regional Director at Talentsoft, says:  

JN Data is really benefitting from Talentsoft, not only by using our solution, but by having access to our experience and expert knowledge gained from more than 2,000 hires in 10 years. As the European market leader in talent management, we have had the chance to work with numerous companies and have a lot of experience in helping our customers achieve success. JN Data is in good hands with Talentsoft.