Talentsoft Ranked as a Leader in 5 Analyst Reports for its Commitment to Empowering Clients and HR Innovation

Talentsoft Ranked as a Leader in 5 Analyst Reports

Through the ups and downs of 2020, the HR and learning functions have come center stage for many businesses. Talentsoft has been supporting its clients along the way to face this year’s challenges, while helping to transform their HR & learning systems to ensure a future-ready workforce. This commitment to innovation has not gone unnoticed among industry experts: in 2020, Talentsoft was ranked as a Leader in 5 key analyst reports.

Talent Acquisition that Adapts to a Variety of Circumstances and Challenges

The talent acquisition landscape has experienced a tremendous shift in 2020. More than just focusing recruitment, organizations are investing more in internal mobility, as well as remote onboarding & reboarding. Talentsoft is able to meet all of these needs with its comprehensive talent acquisition solution, which is enhanced with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and automation features.

It’s this intuitive user experience and deep functionality that Talentsoft has been named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Modern Talent Acquisition Suites for Large Enterprise 2020 Vendor Assessment, doc # US45438920, November 11, 2020.
Talentsoft has enriched both its ATS and CRM with intelligent features that allow recruiters to uncover candidate competencies to find the best fit between a job offer and an applicant. This allows organizations to be competitive and agile in finding the best talent for now and in the future.”

Talentsoft was named a Leader in the Talent Acquisition Value Matrix from Nucleus Research. “Talentsoft has shown innovation in its talent acquisition solutions, from recruiting to internal mobility to onboarding, that help organizations maximize ROI, ensure quicker deployment and better user adoption,” said Evelyn McMullen, Research Analyst at Nucleus Research.

A Robust Core HR at the Heart of Talentsoft’s HCM Solution

In today’s rapidly-changing context, organizations need a clear, real-time view of their workforce. Talentsoft Hub, the powerful Core HR solution, allows HR to centralize and harmonize their employee data, ensuring that they can quickly make the right decisions. It also offers the flexibility of acting as a primary, secondary or hybrid system of data management, leading to faster implementation and adoption.

In its recent report evaluating Talentsoft Hub, Fosway Group noted “Talentsoft Hub has evolved rapidly, from a useful addition to customers adopting Talentsoft’s modules, to becoming a central part of a full suite Talent proposition, and a highly flexible way of aggregating and connecting fragmented HR applications together to provide a Talent-centered HCM solution.

Talentsoft offers a comprehensive talent management and learning solution, and its investment in its Core HR functionality has made it a new option for organizations looking for a solution to consolidate their HR data and tackle HR challenges,” said David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, where Talentsoft was ranked as a Core Leader in the 2020 Cloud HR 9-Grid™.

A Talent Management Suite that Unlocks the Power of Every Talent

Industry analysts agree that Talentsoft offers far more than a standard HR system, allowing organizations to accelerate their talent transformation. With its open platform, Talentsoft seamlessly integrates into any client’s tech ecosystem, while its collaborative tools fuel efficiency and better alignment between individuals and teams.

Following its recent acquisition of Crafty, Talentsoft has heavily invested in skills management and matching solutions to support evolving career goals, provide new project-based challenges, and pair the best internal or external candidates with new job opportunities.

It’s no surprise that for the fourth consecutive year, Nucleus Research named Talentsoft as a Leader in the Talent Management Value Matrix. “Talentsoft has shown that their talent management and learning suite has both advanced functionality as well as an optimal user experience. In this uncertain talent landscape, AI, analytics and automation have become key issues for organizations, who need to drive HR efficiency, train/retain their workforce and anticipate future changes. Talentsoft has responded to these needs with new features and enhancements that enable clients to future-proof their workforce,” said Trevor White, Research Manager at Nucleus Research.

Talentsoft was also positioned as a Strategic Leader in the Talent & People Success 9-Grid™, with David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, noting that “Talentsoft has shown that their solution can successfully meet the complex needs of enterprise-level organizations on a global scale. This change [from Strategic Challenger in 2019 to Strategic Leader in 2020] also reflects Talentsoft’s continued growth in Europe as well as key areas of innovation such as talent matching and its wider ecosystem capabilities.

Performance and Potential: Looking Forward to 2021 and Beyond

Despite a global landscape of change and uncertainty, Talentsoft has risen to the challenge. Being recognized as a Leader by industry analysts has underscored Talentsoft’s commitment to supporting its clients, not just with overcoming today’s hurdles, but with seizing tomorrow’s opportunities. The consensus among the analysts is that Talentsoft has a powerful vision and strong future potential for its solution. This validates Talentsoft’s significant investment in research & development to ensure it delivers the technology and functionality to future-proof their client’s workforce. Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, Talentsoft will continue to innovate together with its clients to shape the future of HR.