Talentsoft by your side: set up your training platform in 5 days

laptop and smartphone with Talentsoft learning product on screens

In these unprecedented times due to COVID-19, all organizations face the challenge of rapidly reinventing the way they work and collaborate.
Over the past few weeks, many clients have asked us to implement a rapid digital training solution for all their employees.

Today, at Talentsoft, we have decided to propose the following offer to all organizations. This special offer will allow you to give all your employees a complete digital training experience over 5 days:

  • Subscription to our content delivery and creation platform (LCMS and LMS), free of charge until June 30, 2020.
  • Access to Talentsoft Content, to discover all off-the-shelf content, including our partners’ exclusive offer of 10 free training courses.
  • Express Activation Pack including the market’s best practices and ensuring the launch of the digital learning platform in a few days.

Take advantage of this special offer and find out how to implement this solution here.