Trenkwalder chooses Talentsoft for its performance review management and data protection policy


Trenkwalder has grown from a family business to an international player with 55,000 employees throughout Central and Eastern Europe. For over 30 years, Trenkwalder has been a leading European HR service provider.

The personnel service provider sector is constantly evolving. Therefore, Trenkwalder wanted to be prepared for this shift and were looking for a way to identify the exact competencies of its employees. With Talentsoft Performance & Competencies, Trenkwalder can now assess all competencies, plan for future gaps and identify the right training employees need.

Trenkwalder decided to trust Talentsoft for its European data protection standards and alignement with all European regulations.

From an employee point of view, Talentsoft is very easy to use. “I think it’s like Facebook, I don’t think you need any extra training for Facebook,” says Mónika Molnár.

The Learning module’s implementation is currently in progress. Once completed, Trenkwalder will go on to implement Talentsoft’s Compensation and Benefits module as well. “Talentsoft will be used as a basic master data system for the future,” specifies Mónika Molnár.

Trenkwalder is implementing Talentsoft in four countries, and has already begun the process in two additional countries. The solution will be used for about 1,100 employees.

monika-molnar-rond Talentsoft is the fifth software I’ve implemented thus far, so I’m quite used to implementing software and I think Talentsoft is one of the best providers I’ve worked with. People appreciate the fact that it is user-friendly… it’s more comfortable for them to conduct appraisals”.Mónika Molnár, Head of Services, HR Manager – Trenkwalder, Hungary

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