Talentsoft appoints Shana Roy as its Chief People Experience Officer

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Talentsoft, the European leader in human capital management and training software, announced the appointment of Shana Roy as its Chief People Experience Officer.
Shana has also joined Talentsoft’s board of directors. Her mission is to favor human and organisational development at Talentsoft while also focusing on a global business strategy.


Shana Roy – Chief People Experience Officer Talentsoft

Shana Roy, expert in change management and development

As Chief People Experience Officer, Shana Roy will help individuals as well as teams quickly reach their true potential. Her goal is to work towards employee fulfilment and thus improve Talentsoft’s business performance.

With a degree from IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, Shana has 10 years of experience working internationally in human resources. Shana is both Canadian and French and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She has always been interested in the human side of business and is an expert in the fields of psychoeducation, human resources, and career counselling. Her diverse professional experience has made Shana an expert at managing people and teams, as well as at accompanying the development of companies.

Passionate about human development, Shana began her career as a psychoeducation therapist and worked in Canada, France, and England. In 2007, she began working in human resources at Onet Technologies. Before joining Talentsoft, Shana worked for the Danone group as the Global Talent & Learning Process & Innovation Leader. She has previously worked as an HR manager, talent acquisition manager, and international HR business partner. At Danone, she was able to gain both operational (industrial sites, luxury hospitality) and strategic experience (R&D, corporate head offices).


Shana Roy’s roadmap consists of six main goals:

  • Build effective teams dedicated to Talentsoft’s progress and business transformation;
  • Ensure Talentsoft and partner solutions are used internally and optimise and secure digital HR data;
  • Align the corporate strategy with the recruiting and employee development strategies;
  • Improve employee experience at Talentsoft;
  • Create ideal conditions that encourage continuous learning and allow employees to develop and strengthen their employability;
  • Foster a working environment that welcomes new ideas, is inclusive, collaborative, and conducive to personal development.


“I am very happy to join Talentsoft as its Chief People Experience Officer. I look forward to working closely with our teams to help employees reach their full potential individually and collectively. This will help improve employee development and performance and will contribute to Talentsoft’s growth.”
Shana Roy, Talentsoft Chief People Experience Officer


“We are delighted that Shana Roy has joined Talentsoft. Her international experience, the diverse positions she’s held, and her conviction for finding effective solutions together as a team are perfectly in line with our innovative human capital strategy. Shana Roy will help us support and implement our vision on an international scale by managing the development of our teams, who have diverse backgrounds and come from all over the world. Jean-Stéphane Arcis, Talentsoft CEO