Scandlines partners with Talentsoft for their HR transformation process  

Ferry Scandlines

The German-Danish ferry operator, Scandlines, is preparing their digital transformation. For this change process, Scandlines has turned to Talentsoft’s cloud-based talent management and learning platform.  

By implementing Talentsoft’s all-in-one solution, Scandlines will be able to map data from all HR processes on a central platform for all employees.  

But how do you carry out a transformation project in a multi-national company with more than 800 employees? Two and a half years ago, Scandlines was confronted with this question, as they started digitalizing their HR processes. Rather than managing their Core HR, recruiting, and employee data in separate systems, the company was looking for a solution that would allow them to centralize all HR data in one single platform. Another challenge they faced was engaging employees and the works council in the project from the very start.  

Scandlines decided to focus not only on the project and technology. As a first step, they also established a communication strategy aiming to engage all internal stakeholders in the process. As a support for technical and legal questions, an external Talentshine expert was called in to consult with the works council and revise the corporate agreements accordingly.  

The implementation was a real success: “Thanks to the seamless integration of Talentsoft’s HR software, combined with the additional support of Talentshine, we have been able to successfully manage our change process. Today, we can view all HR data in one place and react in an agile way to all kinds of situations. The platform also provides an important communication channel. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we were able to directly share all relevant information and shift plans and actions with our employees,” explains Aron Young, Vice President of Human Resources at Scandlines Deutschland.  

The appraisal feature is also proving to be very successful 

While employees and managers used to prepare their annual appraisal interview separately, they can now digitally access and edit all important data thanks to the appraisal module. This allows both parties to concentrate on the most relevant aspects of the interview. 

“Our solution helps simplify companies’ internal communication. Managers benefit from a 360° overview of their internal and external employee performance. Instead of focusing on the issues that managers and employees can think of during the appraisal interviews, we have created objective criteria allowing you to include all important factors and to have a conversation on equal terms. This approach not only increases employee satisfaction, but also helps you promote and develop your employees’ talents and competencies,” adds Elton Schwerzel, Managing Director DACH at Talentsoft.