Talentsoft and Le Lab RH Partner To Offer HR Solutions marketplace


Birth of an open and innovative HR ecosystem for HRD.

Talentsoft, the European leader in Cloud HR, announced today at its annual user conference its partnership with Le Lab RH, a collective laboratory for innovative HR. This initiative aims to promote the development of the French HR innovation industry, help businesses in their digital transformation, and meet the latest HRD requirements.

Co-creating a universal API that provides an open ecosystem for HRDs 

Talentsoft and Le Lab RH have worked together to develop a unique universal API. Talentsoft clients (followed by the entire ecosystem) will be able to use standard integrations with all the solutions offered by Le Lab RH start-ups.  This open marketplace approach will give Talentsoft’s 800 clients access to a broad range of innovative HR tools, without having to develop or maintain integrations. Data will circulate smoothly and securely between the different Talentsoft applications (recruiting, performance management, competencies management, etc.), and those of Le Lab HR startups.

“This partnership is the result of a vision shared by Talentsoft and Le Lab RH to improve tomorrow’s HR. We are passionate about providing our clients with access to the most innovative and efficient HR tools by making them interoperable with our solutions. This open approach will allow our clients to foster HR innovation at the heart of their organisations, enhance employee and candidate experience, and develop an even more flexible and adaptable talent management process,” stated Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Talentsoft.

“Le Lab RH aims to promote the development of the French HR innovation industry, and make innovation accessible to the entire ecosystem. In this sense, we wanted to launch a project that would allow all the players in the HR innovation ecosystem to work together. We hope to promote networking among start-ups, accelerate innovation, and facilitate access to larger customer accounts. By laying the foundations of these universal APIs with Talentsoft, we’re creating cutting-edge solutions to the challenges faced by HRDs wanting to modernise their business,” added Olivier Lallier, Development Director at Le Lab RH.

This partnership marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for Talentsoft. It will further develop Talentsoft’s HR platform by incorporating a marketplace approach that will offer the ingenious solutions of Le Lab RH start-ups thanks to a universal API, which bring more collective intelligence to organisations.

The developments will take place in 2016-2017 and will include integrations in sourcing, candidate prequalification, and internal mobility (e.g., CV recovery applications, asynchronous video interviews, candidate tests, and competency matching), as well as career, training, and employee engagement management solutions.

Talentsoft and Le Lab RH use constructive collaboration to spearhead HR innovation 

Created by both Talentsoft and Le Lab RH, this open source API will be offered exclusively by Talentsoft for the first few months. They will later be used to give startups and market players access to HR Information Systems and create a French HR Open Source for the entire ecosystem.

Talentsoft has been a French Tech company since 2007 and closed an investment round of 25 million euros with Goldman Sachs last November. The software company hopes to be actively involved in the Le Lab RH incubator programme and provide the association with financial support. It also aims to provide Le Lab RH start-ups with mentoring and business support

“The HR revolution is taking place at a time when companies are faced with the transition from a transaction economy to a knowledge economy. Our partnership with Le Lab RH adds to the open approach of our platform and allows us to create a real HR innovation hub for startups and our clients. This approach will help accelerate our international growth strategy, all while providing new opportunities for the overall ecosystem,” explained Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Talentsoft.

“We are glad to be able to count on a mentor such as Talentsoft, a company that is capable of inspiring and supporting Le Lab RH startups in France and abroad. Le Lab RH is planning a rapid international expansion. We now need to put together our competencies to facilitate companies’ acculturation and digital transformation, as well as the creation of innovative solutions for employees. This is the type of HR Open Source that we’d like to implement alongside Talentsoft,” concluded Jeremy Lamri, president of Le Lab RH.

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