The NAOS GROUP makes talent management the basis for its company culture


To create a strong cohesion between its three brands previously managed independently, the Naos Group has appointed an HR Director at group level, setting up an HR team in each of its business units.

The Naos Group chose the Talentsoft solution to manage its appraisal, recruitment and learning processes for its 1,400 employees spread all over 26 countries and speaking 18 different languages. Users have particularly liked the solution and the harmonized processes throughout the different countries.

“Talentsoft has helped us connect all our employees around the world via an easy-to-use tool that allows subsidiary managers to appraise their employees using a common competencies library available in their own language. We now have a talent management process that will allow the Naos Group to identify its high potential employee’s throughout the world.”
Marie-Alice Thierry-Portmann, HR Director, Naos Group

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Bioderma dermatological laboratories, the Institut Estherderm and Etat Pur have all been developed independently. In 2010, the founder of Naos set out to create synergies among these different entities. The driving ambition behind this initiative was to instil a sense of belonging within the group among employees, by implementing an HR culture capable of uniting teams around common goals and values.


The first step was the recruitment of a Group HR Director in 2011, who would be responsible for establishing this common foundation between the different entities. Marie-Alice Thierry-Portmann, Naos Group HR Director, reflects on her mission: “To ensure the success of this project, we started by launching an extensive study of the managers of the various entities to ascertain their expectations in relation to HR”. An approach which required to meet the managers and teams in each of the countries where the group operates, to raise awareness and respond to any questions or concerns. This study highlighted common expectations in terms of career management, recruitment and training. As such, an initial career management project was launched at group level. A cross-functional working group was then formed to develop a common job and competencies library. The team then went in search of an application to assist the Group with all its HR projects, starting with employee appraisals.


For its “Hom & Talent” project Naos opted for the Talentsoft solution. The application immediately impressed the project team with its intuitiveness: “We knew that the user experience and ease of use of Talentsoft’s interfaces would simplify the adoption of the solution by users”. Once deployed in France, the Performance & Competencies solution was implemented in 26 countries and in 18 languages, with a very enthusiastic welcome from the teams. Its success was due largely to the change management process tailored to both users and countries by HR Director Marie-Alice Thierry-Portmann and her team, and the application’s functionality and ease of use.


The aim is to provide teams with access to all the career management information and resources they require. The application now allows all employees to be appraised according to the same criteria. Ultimately, it will give them access to a range of training opportunities adapted to each country. The breaking down of barriers between job roles has helped to cement the company’s HR culture. “Today, for our employees, HR is no longer just about their pay. They measure its usefulness in terms of their career progression and everyday roles”. As for managers, they can now manage recruitment requests, offers and processes themselves, as well as annual talent reviews.


Following the successful deployment of this initial stage of the project in the 26 countries of operation, Naos will implement career and recruitment modules, to address both the issue of integrating new employees and internal mobility. The final stage of the initiative focuses on training. The Naos Group plans to use Talentsoft’s e-Learning integration with CrossKnowledge and its e-learning training catalogue to meet the training needs of employees worldwide, in their respective language.